About Kristine Batty, Ph.D, RNP, BC-ADM, CDE, CDOE

Kristine is Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Advance Diabetes Management, and both locally and nationally certified as a diabetes educator. Kristine has earned her PhD in Nursing; her research focuses on the effect diabetes has on families of adults with diabetes. She has also receive the AANP State Award of Excellence for 2014. 

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Lindsay Baker, MS, RD teamed up with Kristine Batty, Ph.D, RNP to create Diet Know More!  

Diet Know More! is a group nutrition education program designed to educate those with diabetes on the facts about long term weight loss and how to achieve and maintain a healthy life. 

The diet industry has created unrealistic expectations for weight loss and puts forth misinformation leading to habits that can be damaging to long term health. This program is designed to put an end to the cycle of dieting. Our goal is to guide participants through steps to improve their health with methods backed by science. 

Each week is focused on a specific topic that relates to weight loss and diabetes management. Also, diabetes medication adjustments and recommendations can be made as goals are reached so blood sugar control matches weight control.  

Diet Know More!

Class Topics

8 - One hour group session:

  • Dieting Myths and Long Term Weight Loss Facts
  • Servings Vs. Portions
  • Carbohydrates and Food Labels
  • Meal Planning and Preparation Tips
  • Exercise 
  • Healthy Eating at Restaurants and Social Events
  • Mindful and Emotional Eating
  • Sleep, Stress, and Your Weight/ Diabetes

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