Lindsay Baker is my nutritionist and has been since December 2017. At that time I weighed 335 lbs, had an A1c of 7.3 and my sugar (glucose) was over 200mg/dL. In over 15 months since seeing Lindsay my weight is now at 238 lbs, my A1c is 5.6% and my sugar is under 100mg/dL. I give Lindsay a lot of credit for my turnaround. She calmed me down when I first went to see her in December 2017 when my numbers were high. She gave me great, practical advice to straighten my health out and talked to me like a real person and as an equal. Everything Lindsay has told me and has advised me to do has been spot on and has worked extremely well. I would strongly recommend Lindsay to anyone who has weight and or diabetes issues. She is extremely knowledgable in this area, will make you feel comfortable and will give you all the encouragement you need to turn your health around and to keep your health sounds and strong and succeed. - J.F. Cranston, RI 


I have worked with Lindsay over the past few years and I can't express how much she has helped me and continues to help me. As a sufferer from IBS, Lindsay has taught me how to cope and work to feel my best. I enjoy her mindful approach along with her scientific knowledge. Lindsay is completely in my corner and through her support, even outside of my appointments, helps me stay on the path to a happier, healthier me.

- M.N. North Kingstown, RI

"Working with Lindsay aided me in my recovery (from an eating disorder) a great deal.  As a busy professional and picky eater, she offered me realistic approaches to my nutrition.  Lindsay created an environment in which I felt comfortable sharing my struggles and celebrating my successes.  She never judged my choices; she only helped me to learn and grow from them.   I am able to reflect on my time with Lindsay and employ the tools and knowledge I gained, and continue to get stronger each day."

- S.C. Rhode Island